Fat Joe - Another Round

Fat Joe - Another RoundFat Joe
Another Round

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[Chris Brown - Hook:]
Don’t you be holding back, your love
Don’t you be holding back
Don’t you be holding back, your love
Don’t you be holding back
Cause in the end girl you’re gonna want another round, another round
Girl you’re gonna want another round, another round
I used to want you, and her and her and her and you and her and her
I used to want you, and her and her and her
All I want, all I want, all I want is you
Shawty got a mean walk, a mean shoe game
The bitch badder than any bitch that you name
I’m talking Janet, maybe Kim K, I heard Rihanna she like Kim K.
Come on

[Verse 1 - Fat Joe]
Quit playing girl you know that you want it
I can tell just by the way you push it out and flaunt it you bad
Something like dirty diana, body dope as heron
And the sex is off the handle
Your ex couldn’t beat it, I hit it like a free throw
And since I lost some weight you say I got a big ego
It’s too strong, you said the drive stick
But baby just peel off
Loving how it lasts long, Leave the sheets gushy
Fuck you with the mask on, halloween pussy
Your body shivers and trembles with each and every stroke
Pussy wetter than ever, enough to sink a boat

[Chris Brown - Hook]

[Verse 2 - Fat Joe (Chris Brown)]
Never hesitate, purchasing in every state
Transported in foreign cars to large estates
(So believe me, you know you wanna come home girl)
(As long as we can kick it with your home girl)
Had two on one fast break that’s a slam dunk
I know you want it, I can take you where ya man won’t
Champs-Élysées, think Rolls Royce
Yellow Nuvo and Pink boyshorts

[Chris Brown - Hook]

[Chris Brown - Bridge]
Girl you got tha bomb thing know I can’t resist
I’mma light some candles girl and then tie up your wrists
Then I’m licking chocolate right up off your stomach
Baby you ain’t had no freaky shit like this
And I start dripping ice down ya spine (oh oh)
I'll make you mine
And now you’re telling all your girls I done tore it up
So don’t be mad that they all want me, there’s room for all of us

[Chris Brown - Hook]

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